Javascript and Jquery Course Training

Learn Advance Javascript and Jquery Programming and Become a Javascript Developer In 40 Days

Certification: CJJ
Duration: 40 days
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  • 16 Modules
  • 1 Courses
  • 2 Master Classes
  • 2 Live Projects
  • 40+ Hours of Interactive Learning

About Javascript & Jquery (CJJ) Course

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What you'll Learn?

Variables and Operators

Variables and Operators-Digital World School

Control statements

Control statements-Digital World School

Functions and objects

Functions and objects-Digital World School

Forms, Controls, and Dialogs

Forms, Controls, and Dialogs-Digital World School

The Window Object

The Window Object-Digital World School

The Document Object

The Document Object-Digital World School

The String and RegExp Objects

The String and RegExp Objects-Digital World School

Introduction to jQuery

Introduction to jQuery-Digital World School

Menus, Tabs, Tooltips and Panels

Menus, Tabs, Tooltips and Panels-Digital World School

Animating, Scrolling and Resizing

Animating, Scrolling and Resizing-Digital World School

Selecting, Styling and Enhancing

Selecting, Styling and Enhancing-Digital World School


Ajax-Digital World School

Images and Slideshows

Images and Slideshows-Digital World School

Storing Data on the Client

Storing Data on the Client-Digital World School

Lists, Trees, and Tables

Lists, Trees, and Tables-Digital World School

Dates and Math

Dates and Math-Digital World School

Forms and Forms based Data

Forms and Forms based Data-Digital World School

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